Emerant FoPaw TriWizard At Tanza  HP25261501 - 12-31-2006
  COLOR - Tri (Black, Tan, White) - DNA V474575
Fanconi DNA - Clear/Normal - Hips Good, Elbow & Patella - Normal
               Thyroid - Normal  
Ch Reveille Boutonniere
Ch Bedlam Boogywoogy Bugle Boy
Ch Vasia Gazy Cu Brendan
Ch Bedlam Fly Me To The Moon
Ch Kibushi Spellbinder-Niger
Ch Vasia Gazy Cu Brendan
Ch Kibushi In The Mood
Sire:  AM/CAN Ch FoPaws N Bajoran After Hours
  Color -  Black, Tan, White  - Fanconi DNA Clear/Normal
Ch Akuaba N Terrarust On Stage
Ch Akuaba N Terrarust Opening Act
Ch Akuaba Candu Incognito E-Z
Ch Palm Desert's Leading Lady
Ch Arbmec's The Victor
Ch Palm Desert Fula Zaire Rose
Ponedog's Serendipity
Ch. Reliant Inferno
AM/CAN Ch. Vikentor's Stealth of Emerant
Ch. Vikentor's County Rose
AM/CAN Ch Emerant's Flying Fizgig
AM/CAN Vikenor's Stealth of Emerant
 Emerant's Elvira
Emerant's Annapurna of Shanil
Dam: DC Zuri's Gracii,SC,FCH
Color - Black, Tan & White  - Fanconi DNA - Carrier
Ch Jerlin's Starfire of Carmel
Ch. Jerlin's General Patton
Ch Jerlin's Haunting Hali
Ch Zuri's Hadiya At Emerant
Ch. Arubmec's Jon-Luke
Ch Zuri's Okolo
Ch. Zuri;s Ushindi at St Taw